· A student driven Slow Food chapter at Sonoma State University
· Working to promote quality, locally produced food on our campus and in our community.

We are guided and sponsored by the Russian River Convivium.


· Food production is a large contributor to environmental degradation throughout the world. In fact, 25% of all GHG's emissions are the result of industrialized agriculture.
Farm workers are the most exploited labor force in the American economy.
· Our food production system is extremely fragile and is showing signs that it may collapse.
· Food is a culture-creator. It brings people together.
· Food not only nourishes: it gives us pleasure.

Click here to learn about the Manifesto on Climate Change and the Future of Food Security
Click here to learn about the Slow Food Ark of Taste


· If any of these events interest you and you would like to participate, or if you have information or news that would be appropriate for posting LET US KNOW - email: slowfoodssu@gmail.com


This semester we vote in a new leadership team! President, Vice President, Secretary, Communications & Programing Director are all positions that will need to be filled by the end of the spring semester. Start thinking about yourself in a leadership role. Its fun and is a great networking tool for off campus opportunities like internships and employment. Remember: Slow Food is an international organization with a wide variety of roles for scientists, educators, planners, farmers, chefs...etc. Lets keep this club going. Our club "meetings" will take place at the end of the three FOOD FORUMS on our calendar. At these meetings decisions are made about projects both on and off campus and it is also when voting takes place. See calendar to the left for FOOD FORUM dates, times and locations.


This semester we have THREE (!) gardening opportunities:

  1. Slow Food SSU Community Salad Bowl Garden Project workday this Sunday, May 8th from 12-2 assuming the weather is clear. Our bed is located just west of the ETC building. Come check it out and follow our progress. Also a few of us are meeting casually in between classes on Wednesdays from about 12-2PM for mini garden tasks. Feel free to drop on by.
  2. ETC Garden Friday workdays with Frederique Lavoipierre, Department of Biology Masters Candidate. Time: 10-2, on Feb 20, March 20, April 24 and May 8
  3. The church on the corner of E. Cotati and Snyder is interested in starting a community garden! This is an opportunity to really grow a lot of vegetables for you, your friends and family. If you, or anyone you know is interested in getting in on this community project please direct them to Frederique. Here is her contact info: Frederique Lavoipierre Masters Candidate, Department of Biology lab tel: 707-664-2977 (no voice mail) 707-829-0751 (home)


We are starting a semester pilot project utilizing one of the beds in the ETC Garden. Would you enjoy getting your hands dirty periodically throughout the semester? We need some volunteers. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY. This will not require any long term commitment, just communication about when you can join us as the project progresses.

  • Create garden info signs and handouts
  • Paint donated garden bench to reflect the vision of the garden
  • Seek out donations: seeds, plant starts, and drip line irrigation suitable for our project
  • Plant seeds in seed trays for starts
  • Prepare soil as necessary
  • Plan out garden bed layout
The Slow Food SSU Community Salad Bowl Project - Celebrating Our Right to Fresh, Local, Organic Produce
  1. This is not a class but a student driven collaborative, educational project, facilitated by Slow Food SSU. Slow Food SSU members and supporters from the campus community will be the "farmers" of this project on a volunteer basis.
  2. What will be planted and tended to will be shared with the SSU Community at an end of the semester special event. This special event will reflect what we believe is our right to grow, eat and share food that is good, clean and fair. GOOD = tastes good because it is fresh; not shipped from hundreds or thousands of miles away. CLEAN = free of chemicals or the influence of GMO's. FAIR = produced, harvested and distributed in a socially just manner
  3. We will focus on growing edibles for a raw salad: assorted greens, herbs, onions, carrots etc. These are seasonally appropriate for cultivating now and should be harvestable at the end of the semester in May.
  4. We will respectfully adhere to the guidelines of the ETC Garden, acknowledging that we are very fortunate to have this opportunity to share the garden with the horticultural classes and research projects happening there already.
  5. We will use this pilot project as a stepping stone to cultivating a larger Slow Food SSU garden in the future.

the wisdom of the snail —Slow Food’s symbol

the wisdom of the snail —Slow Food’s symbol
The snail was chosen because it moves slowly and calmly eats its way through life. The snail not only teaches us the virtue of slowness, but its small, unassuming size reminds us that even one individual, at a grassroots level can yield tremendous power.